[Family Photos at the Alpaca Farm Wall, NJ]

I’m pretty lucky to have two of the best jobs in the world, being a nanny and a photographer, so when the two come together, it’s really awesome! Last week I made the trip to the Edel Haus Alpaca Farm in Wall, New Jersey, with one of my awesome families that I babysit! There was plenty of silliness, laughing and surprisingly only one interaction with the Alpaca! (they were super cute, but we were a little shy when it came to meeting them!)

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and made our way all around the gorgeous farm and its barns! When it came to meeting the Alpaca however, we only stayed long enough to catch a quick photo. But they were really fun to watch and look at through the gates during our session.

This perfectly coordinated family looked amazing (as they usually do) and it was fun to capture their love and silliness! It was also really fun to have the kids pose themselves for some of our photos…they did a great job too! It’s always a fun time with this family but throw in some alpaca and you’ve got a party!!

-Michelle 🙂


[Nicholas’s Baptism Westfield, NJ]

Last week I got to photograph Nicholas’s Baptism and it was so so sweet! I love seeing the families celebrate and welcome their little one into the church. This service only had two Baptism’s which made for a perfect and intimate celebration for two sweet little babies.

Nicholas started off his ceremony awake and ready to go and he really didn’t mind the water on his head! After he was Baptized however, he was fast asleep! Luckily, when he did wake up, he was the happiest baby I’ve ever seen! We had him all over the church to get photos of him by himself, and he was the perfect little model!

Nicholas was Baptized at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Westfield, New Jersey and he was surrounded by so much love from friends and family. It was truly special to witness this Baptism and all of the love and support Nicholas was welcomed into the church with. Congratulations and God Bless you, Nicholas!

-Michelle 🙂

[Family Photos Double Trouble State Park]

Happy Fall Y’all!!!! I know I love summer, but come on, who doesn’t love fall?! I just love it, especially when I get to photograph a gorgeous family at the beautiful Double Trouble State Park! We had so much fun during this session, despite that fact that it was probably 85 degrees and not feeling like fall at all. But these guys were troopers! Walking all throughout the park in the heat…and not to mention mom who did all of this in her wedges! Not an easy task, but she rocked it!

It was so fun exploring the park, looking for the best places to take pictures, and talking with the little ones all about school and dance class! It was my favorite when they picked out spots for us to take our next picture! I think I found my future assistants! There was just so much love to capture with this stunning family and this session was the best way to kick off fall family photos!

-Michelle 🙂

[Welcome Baby Carter Toms River, NJ]

Last week I got to spend the afternoon with sweet baby Carter and his mom and dad! What an adorable family! It was so exciting to see the first time parents with their little guy for his first photo session! And of course I can’t forget about the best big dog brother, Rex! He followed us everywhere we went, and always made sure that his little Bro was safe and happy!

Carter did great when he was being held by mom and dad, and even though it took us a few tries to get him settled on his own, he ended up being a total rock star! After putting up with us changing him and moving him so many times, Carter was just a natural. This little guy snuggled up and looked absolutely adorable in everything we put him in! And shoutout to dad for getting him swaddled perfectly! Those little feet could not escape!

It was so exciting to capture this adorable family in their first session together! Welcome Baby Carter!

-Michelle 🙂