Families + Children

[Secret Kids Session, Brielle]

Ever since I started nannying my now “second” family, I loved doing photo sessions with the kids! It gave us something to do while we were together and it was good practice for me at the beginning of my photography career.

Now that they’ve gotten older, I usually only watch them when mom and dad are away for a long weekend! The past two years while mom and dad were away, we did a secret photo session to surprise them!

We picked out their outfits and decided where we wanted to go and the kids always managed to keep it a secret. This year we went to the park! After photographing the kids in the backyard with the dogs, we headed out to the park during sunset and it was awesome!

Not only are these kids naturals in front of the camera, but they keep each other laughing and make the whole session so much fun! Can’t wait for this year’s secret session!



[Family Session Seaside Park, NJ]

I love when families are vacationing at the beach in the summer and reach out to me to take family photos! It’s so much fun to be able to capture these special memories on their vacation!

We had the most perfect night for this session at Seaside Park. The weather was perfect and the setting sun made for a beautiful sky!

I had a moment of panic however when my camera decided it wasn’t going to focus! We were about halfway into the session and I had to shoot the rest with manual focus. I’m not a big fan of focusing manually but once I was “forced” to shoot that way, it wasn’t so bad!

Not only was this session beautiful, but it was a big challenge for me that I was able to overcome, which was pretty cool!



[Family Session Spring Lake, NJ]

I’ve worked with this awesome family before, so it was so great to be able to do a session with their extended family! One of our first sessions together was at this same spot and it was fun to get to do another session here!

We had the perfect sunny day so naturally there was a lot of activity, but I always love seeing other photographers out with their clients!

We had three generations of family together, so we took time to make sure we got all the different groups that we wanted! We finished the session with a change of clothes from the youngest grandchild and did a mini session of just her…it was adorable!



[Theresa Hope’s 1st Birthday Toms River, NJ]

It really is crazy how fast time goes! I remember photographing Baby Theresa when she was a week old! Flash forward to her first birthday and she is just as adorable as she was the day I first met her!

Not only did I have the opportunity to photograph her first birthday session and cake smash, but I also got to photograph her 1st birthday party with all of her friends and family! I’m so lucky to have clients that have turned into family where I can capture these special moments but also help to celebrate!

The theme for Theresa’s birthday…Sunflowers! Mom had the best props and clothes for our backyard photo session and Theresa was all smiles! Even though there was an amazing cake, the sweetest part of the session had to be when we took photos in Theresa’s garden that her dad created just for her! It was perfect!

Theresa’s first birthday party took place at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and it was beautiful! It was the perfect, sunny day to celebrate a perfect, sunny little girl! Everyone helped to decorate the house, inside and out and there were so many fun games and crafts for all the kids to enjoy.

Happy Birthday Theresa!

-Michelle 🙂


It’s that time of year again…when I head out, on what usually is the hottest day of the year, with an amazing family to do photos! Every single time I photograph this family it’s perfection! We always seem to be acting crazy to get the kids to laugh or smile or hug each other and every time I go through the photos I am amazed with how good we did!

For this years photos, we made the trip out to Manalapan to Happy Day Farm. It was my first time there and I could have stayed forever! I already can’t wait to go back to pick my own fruit and check out what else this farm has to offer.

We were headed to the farm this day however for one very important thing…Sunflowers! And boy did we get them! It was so incredibly beautiful to see all of these flowers in bloom. Happy Day Farm had some really fun areas for photos so we had the perfect backdrops!

Yes this session was soooo hot but it was so worth it! If you haven’t been to this farm yet, you better check it out!



I’ve done plenty of sessions in Point Pleasant before, but this was my first session in Point since I became a local! It was fun to do a session right in my own backyard!

This awesome family comes down to Point every weekend and I’m so glad that they do because we got to have this amazing session! We took advantage of the beautiful summer sunset and did all of our photos right on the inlet!

They were really good sports during this session because the best place for photos happened to be a short walk on the rocks. They toughed it out and it was totally worth it! The best part of the session was when we caught Chloe’s adorable laugh at daddy’s silly dance moves behind the camera!

Nothing beats a summer session on the beach, and this was awesome!



I haven’t been to Cattus Island Park for photos in a while so it was really fun to get back there for this fun fall family photo session!

Of course we had to have a super windy day, but at least it was sunny! And the kids did a really great job posing and smiling even though it was chilly!

I’ve photographed these siblings before and we had a lot of fun, but this time, we had their cousin with us! Family is number one for me, so I love getting to capture families being together!



This was such a fun fall session with a gorgeous couple and the cutest pup! Allaire State Park in the fall is one of my favorite places and we had a great day for this session.

I met up with Chris and Anna and their awesome dog, Montego Bay, and we walked all around the park taking photos…and of course getting compliments on the most handsome four legged friend with us!

Montego is still a puppy, and he definitely wanted to do more exploring than posing for photos, but he really did such a good job! The treats I had in my pocket probably had something to do with his smiling! 🙂



A few years ago, I got to photograph Kylie’s first birthday and cake smash on the beach! Well this year I got to photograph her little brother’s first birthday and it was so fun!

I always have a great time photographing this family and even though we had a windy day, it was still beautiful sunlight and it was a great session!

We started off with family photos in perfectly coordinated outfits, and then after a quick outfit and location change, it was time for cake! Charlie had his big boy outfit on and of course we had to take some photos before it got covered in cake! 🙂 But after that, it was game over! Charlie loved his cake and did a really good job getting it everywhere! It was awesome! Happy First Birthday!

-Michelle 🙂


[Family Christmas Session Spring Lake, NJ]

Tis the season! I got to photograph this adorable family at the start of fall and it was so fun! I’m sure you remember this perfect little family from the summertime when little Theresa was brand new to the world! Fast forward a few months, and it’s about to be her first Christmas!

We had a beautiful day in the park in Spring Lake and this family of three was perfectly dressed for the holidays!

We had all kinds of fun Christmas props and it was so exciting to see little Theresa all dressed up with them! Happy First Christmas little one!

-Meesh 🙂


[Family Photos Double Trouble State Park, NJ]

I’m pretty sad to see summer go, but I did get to have one last session with one of my favorite families at the beautiful Double Trouble State Park and it was awesome!

Hannah, JJ and mom and dad were all dressed perfectly for summer and they came ready to explore the park! Hannah was ready at any minute to strike a pose and she looked absolutely adorable! JJ on the other hand just wanted to see what was going on in the park! When we got him to smile or laugh however, it was literally so sweet!

I always have so much fun with this crew and it was the perfect way to spend one of the last days of summer!

-Michelle 🙂



[Family Beach Session Long Beach Island, NJ]

This past summer I got to work with some clients that I haven’t gotten to work with in a while…My family!! My dad’s side of the family got together this summer in Long Beach Island to have a celebration of life trip in honor of both of my grandparents. My grandfather passed away in December of 2014 and my grandmother passed away this past January.

This was the first time we have all been together since they both passed and it was a bittersweet vacation. I was grateful for the time we all got to spend together but it was hard knowing that my grandparents were no longer with us. We had an incredible time together though, hanging at the beach, cooking dinners at night together as a family and reminiscing of all the amazing times we shared with grandma and grandpa growing up!

We picked a night to head up to the beach after dinner to take our photos and the weather was perfect! Of course we planned in advance to be color coordinating! Afterwards, we headed to the Barnegat Lighthouse, a place where my grandparents loved, to watch the sunset together as a family.

Love you guys so much…East or West, family is the best!

-Michelle 🙂


[Family Beach Session Lavallette, NJ]

I just love a good beach session in the summer. I got to photograph this beautiful family a few weeks ago and we had the perfect weather! We did have to fight off some flies though, but we powered through!

I think my favorite part of this session was any time the adults were trying to make little Brianna laugh. They were dancing around, using silly voices and blowing bubbles and once this little angel started laughing, it was amazing!

This group was so much fun to photograph and spend a night on the beach with to take pictures! I’m holding on tight to summer with this session!

-Michelle 🙂


[Family Photos Toms River, NJ]

It’s always special when families get together for family photos, but it’s even more special when it’s for grandpa’s 75th birthday! They had a beautiful day for a family celebration and for all generations to be together for photos!

Everyone in the family was perfectly color coordinated and we had so much fun taking photos of each family, cousins, siblings, the kids with their grandparents, you name it, we covered it!

We had so many groupings of people that we wanted to take pictures of, but everyone hung in there and they looked gorgeous! I think it’s safe to say that grandpa’s birthday celebration got off to a great start with a beautiful family!

-Michelle 🙂




[Family Photos Seaside Park, NJ]

Beach sessions are in full swing and I am in love! This past weekend I got to photograph one of my favorite families! Not only are these guys great clients, but they are also great friends and I love photographing them.

The weather was a little questionable during the day of our session but we totally lucked out. The sun came out and was setting perfectly for our entire session! Mom, Dad and their three musketeers were dressed and coordinated amazingly; they literally were straight out of a J Crew summer catalog! So good!

I had so much fun during this session because even though we wanted the kids to sit and pose for photos, they were equally as cute when they were running around and playing and it was so cute to watch! We did get them to stay in one spot a few times! 🙂

Every session with this awesome family seems a little wild, but we always manage to have fun and capture the kids at their best!

-Michelle 🙂




[Gabriella’s 3rd Birthday Toms River, NJ]

Happy Third Birthday to my little peanut! I started watching Gabriella when she was just 3 months old and last week I got to help celebrate her 3rd birthday! How did that happen so fast?!

I was home from work last week and Gabriella and I were reunited for a play date! It was the BEST and just like old times. We were able to fit in her 3rd birthday session and we had so much fun!

Of course mom had packed the sweetest outfits, tutus and tiaras obviously, so we had a fashion show/birthday photo session! Gabriella loved running around outside and being silly and she kept me laughing the whole time.

Happy Birthday, Peanut!

-Meesh 🙂




[Gianna’s First Holy Communion Toms River, NJ]

Congratulations to this sweet angel, Gianna for making her First Holy Communion a few weeks ago! A few days before the big day, we went out to Huddy Park to have our session, and even though it was chilly (our luck, of course!) Gianna smiled and posed perfectly! Mom followed behind with her sweater so that in between photos she could bundle up for a few seconds!

Gianna has two sisters, and she’s right in the middle, so she had so much fun during our session because it was her time to shine! And she absolutely did just that!

Mom brought along her Rosary and her First Holy Communion Journal and Gianna was a pro with her props. She also had the cutest poses, especially when she put her hand on her hip!

It was so much fun, as it always is, taking photos with this angel! God Bless Gianna!

-Michelle 🙂




[Baby’s First Christmas Edison, NJ]

I got to photograph two Christmas sessions last week that were the baby’s first Christmas and it was so exciting! For this session, I went up to Edison for Luke’s first Christmas photos! His adorable mom had the house decorated, had the best Christmas props and of course the sweetest outfits for little Luke!

We started our session with Luke in his Christmas sleigh! It took a few tries to get him sitting up right, but any way he was sitting in that sleigh, it was going to be adorable. I must have been boring him or tiring him out because after the sleigh, he went right to sleep, and it was honestly the cutest thing ever! He slept so contently as I positioned him on his blanket and took hats on and off his head and when he woke up, he was happy as ever!

We finished our session with Luke, aka the baby reindeer, and if you thought the session couldn’t have gotten cuter, you would be wrong! Basically, no matter what we had Luke doing during this session, it was adorable!

-Michelle 🙂




[Christmas Photos Spring Lake, NJ]

Last year when I photographed Angelina and her dog Snowball for Christmas, we picked the coldest day of the year and we were on the beach! This year was a little less cold and she had a new furry friend, Charlie to take pictures with. We went to a beautiful spot in Spring Lake, which is going to be my new favorite place for sessions, and had so much fun taking pictures with both dogs!

We went from the bridge, to the lake and to a really cool looking tree to take pictures and of course mom and dad were there to help get the dogs to look at the camera! If only we had pictures of three adults trying to get two little dogs attention with treats and silly noises! No matter how crazy we might have looked, it was well worth it!

-Michelle 🙂




[Christmas Cousins Toms River, NJ]

Last week I got to photograph one of my favorite families that I nanny for! I had the best summer ever with these cuties and it was so much fun getting to take their Christmas photos with their new baby cousin!

The girls all started this session looking absolutely beautiful in their Christmas dresses! After the fancy photos, they got comfy in their Christmas jammies! The big girls cuddled up with their baby cousin, singing to her, reading to her and finally watching as she fell asleep!

It was so sweet to see the girls interact with their new cousin and it was so much fun to take little Codi’s first Christmas pictures!

-Michelle 🙂




[Family Photos Island Heights, NJ]

Last week I got to photograph a beautiful family at my favorite place ever! Yes it was super windy and yes it was super cold, but this family rocked it and it was totally worth it! I’m lucky enough to nanny for this awesome crew so it was a lot of fun to get to photograph them!

Big brother, Brody, was the best little model ever! He was ready and posing every time I picked up my camera. He was such a great helper too when it came to getting his little brother and sister to smile! We’ve been trying to schedule a session for the longest time, but the weather always had another plan! I’m so glad that we stuck it out through the cold because these guys looked so amazing!

-Michelle 🙂




[Christmas Family Photos Wall, NJ]

The last time I photographed this sweet family, their little guy was a newborn baby! It was so much fun getting to photograph them this year at Conover’s Tree Farm in Wall, New Jersey.

Mom came very well prepared with such fun props and she had everyone dressed in the best winter style! Although the kids just wanted to run around and explore, we rallied them up and had so much fun taking photos! Whether they were putting ornaments on the trees, taking rides in the wagon or even pulling the wagon, this crew didn’t stop smiling!

This was my first Christmas session this season and it sure was a great way to get me in the holiday spirit!

-Michelle 🙂



[Fall Family Photos Toms River, NJ]

This past week was super busy for me! It’s that time of year! I got to photograph my little peanut and her amazing big sisters! We went to our favorite spot and had so much fun taking pictures and of course playing with the leaves.

The girls were my little helpers, as usual, and found the best places to stand for photos. The best part was when they wanted to take pictures of them jumping! Little peanut needed some help getting off the ground, but her big sissy’s came to her rescue!

It’s always so much fun whenever I get to photograph these three little angels!

-Meesh 🙂



[Family Photos at the Alpaca Farm Wall, NJ]

I’m pretty lucky to have two of the best jobs in the world, being a nanny and a photographer, so when the two come together, it’s really awesome! Last week I made the trip to the Edel Haus Alpaca Farm in Wall, New Jersey, with one of my awesome families that I babysit! There was plenty of silliness, laughing and surprisingly only one interaction with the Alpaca! (they were super cute, but we were a little shy when it came to meeting them!)

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and made our way all around the gorgeous farm and its barns! When it came to meeting the Alpaca however, we only stayed long enough to catch a quick photo. But they were really fun to watch and look at through the gates during our session.

This perfectly coordinated family looked amazing (as they usually do) and it was fun to capture their love and silliness! It was also really fun to have the kids pose themselves for some of our photos…they did a great job too! It’s always a fun time with this family but throw in some alpaca and you’ve got a party!!

-Michelle 🙂




[Family Photos Double Trouble State Park]

Happy Fall Y’all!!!! I know I love summer, but come on, who doesn’t love fall?! I just love it, especially when I get to photograph a gorgeous family at the beautiful Double Trouble State Park! We had so much fun during this session, despite that fact that it was probably 85 degrees and not feeling like fall at all. But these guys were troopers! Walking all throughout the park in the heat…and not to mention mom who did all of this in her wedges! Not an easy task, but she rocked it!

It was so fun exploring the park, looking for the best places to take pictures, and talking with the little ones all about school and dance class! It was my favorite when they picked out spots for us to take our next picture! I think I found my future assistants! There was just so much love to capture with this stunning family and this session was the best way to kick off fall family photos!

-Michelle 🙂




[Maternity Session Seaside Park, NJ]

Last week I got to photograph the most adorable family maternity session on the beach! Mom is getting closer and closer to her due date and she looked flawless showing off her bump on the beach! She had her two best guys by her side and honestly, they are family squad goals!

Whether we were searching for shells to keep future Big Bro occupied or writing in the sand and trying to avoid getting hit by the waves, it was all smiles and laughs with this gang! There was so much love in this session and the future baby girl is going to be welcomed to such a loving family that can’t wait to meet her!

-Michelle 🙂




[Family Beach Session Island Beach State Park, NJ]

I always have the best time when I get to photograph one of my favorite families, and last week on the beach was no different! This sweet family of four met with me at Island Beach State Park just when the sun was setting and it was gorgeous. They had the perfect summer outfits and they all looked totally adorable!

Despite walking through a semi forest to get to the beach, and batting away flies, we had the beach to ourselves and it was amazing. Whether the ocean was in the background or it was the dunes and trees, this crew laughed, smiled and looked flawless the entire session.

It’s so special getting to watch these two little ones grow and I love every minute of getting to photograph them!

-Michelle 🙂




[Family Session Sea Bright, NJ]

Tis the season for endless beach photos, aka my favorite thing ever! I had the pleasure of photographing a great family on the beach in Sea Bright last week and it was pretty amazing! Whenever you get a family group together on vacation, you know it’s going to be a pretty fun time when you take family photos. Especially when the family is from all over the country and can only get together once or twice a year!

Keith, the boyfriend of the year, surprised his girlfriend Erin with family photos for her birthday when he knew they would all be on vacation together! Seriously how cool is that?! We had parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, you name it, hanging out of the beach and being super patient for all the group photos we wanted to get! We had the perfect weather, the perfect backdrop, and the perfect family together for some really beautiful photos. Whenever I’m laughing as much as I did during this session, you know it had to be good!

-Michelle 🙂




[Angelo’s Communion and family photos Island Heights, NJ]

Last week, when the weather was actually feeling like summer, I did an awesome session with a super fun family! We started at St. Joe’s Church in Toms River for Angelo’s First Communion. His mom had sent me a bunch of photos that she wanted me to take, so Angelo was ready to go with each one at each spot in the church! He obviously practiced his poses because he looked awesome 🙂

While mom, dad and little sister Ava sat in the back of the church, Angelo and I took advantage of the beautiful altar and stained glass windows. The best part was probably when Angelo posed with a photo of himself from his Baptism! He couldn’t believe that he was ever that small!

After we finished at the church, we headed out to Island Heights where the weather was absolutely gorgeous! We walked all around the pier, up in the gazebo and finally finished in the water! The kids loved playing in it, even though it was a little cold!

-Michelle 🙂




[Gabriella’s 2nd Birthday Session Toms River, NJ]

It literally feels like yesterday when I started nannying for Gabriella. She was only 4 months old! I can’t believe that today she is two years old! Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Gabriella, whom I’ve nicknamed “Peanut”, was so excited to put on all the fancy new clothes her mom had packed for our birthday session. Not only did we do an entire photo session, but we went through our regular day together of playing, napping and having snacks! It was an exhausting morning, but it was so much fun with my favorite little girl!

We had so many fun props to use for this session; flowers, balloons, pretend cupcakes and it was awesome to see Gabriella playing and exploring during our session. A fun fact about this little sweet pea is that when you ask her to smile, she sticks her tongue out! I kept having to remember to say cheese instead of smile! Never a dull moment with my Peanut!

Happy 2nd Birthday to the best, funniest, cutest, smartest little girl I know! Your Meesh (that’s her name for me) loves you so, so much!

-Meesh 🙂



[Grace’s Communion Session Island Heights, NJ]

Ever since the weather started getting warmer this spring, I couldn’t wait for an outdoor session, and Grace’s upcoming Communion was the perfect occasion! Dressed like the perfect little angel, Grace was just so much fun to photograph. It was pretty windy by the water, but Grace held her poses and smiled the whole way through.

We originally picked Island Heights for the location of this session because it has such a great backdrop with the water. It was only after we started photographing however, that we realized the gazebo at Island Heights was pretty similar to a church. Between the church like setting and the lighting, Grace really did look like an angel! It’s always fun to photograph Grace and her family, but it was especially fun this time around to celebrate Grace’s First Communion. Congratulations Grace!

-Michelle 🙂



[Family Photos Allaire State Park, NJ]

I always love getting to photograph families that I babysit for and I had such a blast with this crew! We met up the day before Thanksgiving in the beautiful Allaire State Park and the lighting was absolutely amazing.

This perfectly coordinated gang were excited to take pictures and they eagerly followed wherever I brought them for each new setting. While mom and dad were awesome models, the kids really turned on the charm whenever I picked up my camera! They had silly poses, serious poses and their very best poses to probably start a modeling career! As always, it was a great afternoon with another awesome family!

-Michelle 🙂


[Christmas Photos Seaside Park, NJ]

Last week I was back at the best place on Earth, the beach, for another beautiful Christmas session. This gorgeous girl and her sweet little dog were so much fun to photograph! It may have taken us a little while to get the dog to look my way, but when we got it, it was perfect!

Unfortunately, there seems to be a pattern in my sessions lately that we always pick the cold day, or the windy day…the day of this session, of course it was both! The wind was blowing like crazy and we had sand hitting us so hard we had to stop a few times to cover our faces! However, this girl, like all of the awesome kids and families that I get to work with, was an absolute trooper and smiled through it all! Happy December!

-Michelle 🙂




[Family Christmas Photos Allaire State Park, NJ]

I’ve known this awesome family for many, many years…way back when I was as young as these two cute boys! So of course I was very excited to get to photograph them at one of my favorite places.

It was extremely cold the day of our session, but this family toughed it out and the boys were on their best behavior! We walked all around the park and collected a bunch of giant leaves along the way! We even got hot chocolate at the end of the session to warm up for the ride home. The boys kept us all laughing and it was worth every minute of being out in the cold!

-Michelle 🙂



[Kids Session Island Heights, NJ]

I am obsessed with Island Heights! It is just adorable, the river is beautiful and it always provides a perfect backdrop for photos. I was so excited to do this session at Island Heights and the lighting and scenery did not fail! Not the mention, the kids looked absolutely perfect!

As the sun was setting, we took advantage of the perfect light and we explored the boardwalk to find the best places for our next picture. These kids and their mom were so awesome to work with and it made for a great session at my favorite place!

-Michelle 🙂



[Family Christmas Photos Seaside Park, NJ]

I always know it’s going to be super cute when I get to photograph my beautiful peanut and her beautiful sisters! Gabriella is the little girl that I nanny and I just love her and her sisters. This is our second year taking pictures for Christmas and it’s so fun and exciting for me to see how much these girls have grown!

We decided to head to the beach and bring along all of our Christmas spirit. Even though it was chilly, these cuties snuggled up together and gave me the sweetest smiles. They made each other laugh, they made me laugh, and best of all, mom was doing all kinds of silly things to get them to laugh! Overall, it was a great session to celebrate the holiday season!

-Michelle 🙂



[Fall Family Photos Double Trouble State Park, NJ]

I’ve been going to Double Trouble State Park since I was little. The trails are beautiful all year round, but it’s pretty special in the fall! I had so much fun photographing one of my favorite families there last week.

I was lucky enough to babysit these two cute girls this summer and we had the best time! It was so fun taking their family pictures because they loved posing and being my assistants too! We did some hiking and exploring of the park and stopped plenty of times along the way to take pictures where we found the perfect background.

I just love everything about this session; the color of the leaves, the beautiful light, and the perfectly coordinated outfits that mom picked out! This session had been rescheduled so many times because it kept raining on the day we were supposed to shoot! Luckily, the weather held up this time and it ended up being another perfect fall day for pictures!

-Michelle 🙂



[Baby Max, 4 month old photos Somerset, NJ]

I’ve never been to Colonial Park in Somerset, NJ and man was I missing out! I made the journey up north to photograph sweet baby Max on a perfect fall day! It was one of those days where almost everyone in the park was accompanied by a photographer for fall photos!! The best!

Max, along with his mom, grandma and cousin was perfectly dressed for the fall season and despite some crying, he was absolutely adorable! But then again, even when he was crying he was still so adorable! Max was most comfortable in his mom’s arms and when he smiled, his whole face lit up!

I was so glad that I got to explore a beautiful park with a beautiful little baby boy on the most perfect fall day! Get ready for the cuteness!

-Michelle 🙂



[Family Christmas Photos Toms River, NJ]

I was so excited when Nina asked me to do her family photos for Christmas! It wasn’t my first time photographing this awesome family, but this time, I was photographing a family of 4!!! Baby James made the most adorable appearance along with his equally adorable big sis for a fun family session to celebrate the holiday season.

Nina had the perfect ideas to show off her little ones; first, dressed in their best, ready for Santa and second, snuggled up in matching pajamas! Are they cute or what?! It’s always so fun when I get to work with this family and this session had plenty of holiday cheer to get me ready for the season!

P.s. Baby James, I don’t think your big sis will really send you off to Santa! She loves you too much!



[Maternity Photos Pt. Pleasant, NJ]

I don’t get to photograph other photographers a lot, but when I do it’s so fun! Getting to work with someone who has an artistic background is exciting for me, because it’s awesome to share ideas and figure out the best locations and the best lighting together.

This was my first maternity session and I loved every minute of it. The beach and boardwalk were packed, but this cute family of 3 (almost 4!) was up for trying anything! We made our way all over the Pt. Pleasant boardwalk and the Big Sister even got to take a ride on the carousel and eat cotton candy! She loved giving her mama kisses and she loved riding with daddy on the rides.

Mom, dad and big sis are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little man and it was so exciting for me to get to capture some of their last moments before he is here! I’m sure we will be seeing more of this growing family very soon. Congratulations!



[Family Reunion Seaside Park, NJ]

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of doing pictures for a big family that was vacationing together in Seaside Park! Now usually, I’m doing the silly things or making jokes to get my families and kids to smile and laugh. However during this session, these guys were the ones making me laugh! They were all so enthusiastic about posing and making sure we were getting the best pictures. Everyone, myself included, was probably laughing or trying to hide a giggle throughout the whole session. This family was just so much fun to take pictures of!

This day had the best conditions for taking pictures: beautiful sky, not a lot of wind and cooler temperatures. The only thing that attempted to kill our spirits…FLIES! The flies were out of control during this session! Everyone was trying so hard to smile for me despite their feet and legs getting bit constantly by the terrible flies! This family was even throwing sand on my legs to keep the flies off while I was doing the individual family pictures! I told you they were awesome!

Family is the most important thing in the world to me! It’s always so awesome to have a session with a family like this one, where there is so much love and fun in everything that they do! Thanks for a great, and funny session!




[Family Photos Seaside Park, NJ]

When your mom works at a nursey school, she meets all kinds of awesome families, and that’s how I met this awesome crew! I was so excited to take their family pictures this summer because come on, look how adorable they are!

Of course the night we picked for these photos, it was a little cloudy and super windy which made for some hair flying about. But it was no problem for mom, dad, and their three sweet little ones! They laughed, played and had perfect smilies throughout our whole session. Mom and dad even came up with the cutest poses for them and their girls!

This session was super fun, this family was totally great and I can’t wait to work with them again in the future! Happy Summer!

-Michelle 🙂



[Kylie’s First Birthday Seaside Park, NJ]

If there is one thing I love during summer, it’s photo sessions on the beach! And what could be even better is that this session was a cake smash for little Miss Kylie’s First Birthday!

Her mom picked the adorable mermaid/beach theme, had tons of cute props and Kylie was a true beach babe! She loved playing in the sand, picking up sea shells and of course smashing her cake at the end of our session. This little mermaid clapped, giggled and showed us “how big” she was and kept smiling during her whole birthday session. She even let mom and dad jump in for some family photos too!

Kylie was a total pro when it came to eating (and smashing) her beautiful homemade birthday cake!! And even when she completely knocked it over at the end of our session, she managed to put the cake stand up right and started putting the cake back on the pedestal!

Happy 1st Birthday, Kylie! I hope this next year is filled with so many giggles, cuddles and good times with your family! 🙂