[Welcome baby Alice Lancaster, PA]

This session was extra special because it was for one of my best friends and her beautiful family! Taylor and I met at Penn State and we were roommates during our senior year! It was honestly the best! We’ve been through a lot together and it’s so special to be part of each other’s milestones!

A few years ago I had the honor of photographing Taylor and Doug’s gorgeous beach wedding in Rehoboth and now I’m getting to photograph their sweet little girl Alice! I had so much fun with the whole family but seeing Elsie be a big sister was the best part!

We started with family photos and then moved on to photos of just the sisters and both girls did so well! Alice slept during the whole session and proud big sister Elsie was so amazed by her baby sister!

Finally, we did photos of baby Alice while mom and I caught up on everything that’s been happening in our lives. After our session of course I hung around to play with Elsie and spend some snuggle time with baby Alice. It was the best day! Welcome to the world little girl!



[Welcome baby Michael Toms River, NJ]

I love newborn sessions! Getting to spend the day with a sweet little baby and a beautiful, happy family is seriously the best job in the world! I had the pleasure of photographing this awesome family when their first angel was born so getting to photograph the second baby was so special!

Big sister was ready to help the minute I got there! She started taking out the blankets and props so that we would be ready for our session! We started off with some family photos and it was so sweet watching Kaylee be a big sister!

After a few more photos with mom and dad, it was baby Michael’s time to shine on his own! And he totally nailed it! He had a lot of outfit changes and he looked cuter and cuter in each one! Check out a side by side of brother and sister in the same basket below!


[Welcome Baby Lia Cranford, NJ]

A few weeks ago, I had a really special opportunity to photograph one of my colleagues newborn baby! Sweet Lia Rose, along with her big sis and mom and dad, was so so cute and totally nailed her first photo session!

Mom had the family perfectly coordinated and I had a little helper to give me clothes or blankets for the next photo! It was so fun! Baby Lia was so calm and only cried a few times when she was hungry…I hope she’s that good for mom and dad all the time!

This was such a fun session and Baby Lia and big sister Ella were just the cutest little girls ever!



[Welcome Baby Irene Ephrata, PA]

Photographing newborn babies has got to be one of the best jobs in the whole world! A few weeks ago I made the trip out to Pennsylvania to visit my best friend from college, her husband and their perfect little angel, Irene. They were such a sweet little family!

I had been waiting for this day ever since I found out this little peanut was coming into the world! Before we could get started with photos however, Aunt Mitchy needed some snuggle time with Irene and it was the best ever.

Mom and dad are in the process of renovating their master suite, so I got the perfect spot in the house for Irene’s newborn photos. Any empty room with beautiful hardwood floors and TONS of natural light. The second I got up there, I knew it was going to be perfect.

We started off with some family photos and it was so amazing to see how in love these first time parents were with their little miracle. After photos with mom and dad, Irene was ready for her close up and she totally nailed it!

I had so much fun spending time with this family of three and capturing these first memories! Welcome to the world Irene!

-Aunt Mitchy 🙂



[Welcome Baby Theresa Toms River, NJ]

She’s here! Welcome to the world sweet baby girl! I was so excited to photograph little Theresa with her mommy and daddy last week!

I’ve photographed many milestones in Geralyn and Patrick’s life, and every one of them has been incredible. This newborn session, however, was so amazing! Baby Theresa was absolutely perfect and it was so so sweet to see how in love her mommy and daddy were! Watching new parents with their little one is so special and I was so happy to capture these moments.

When I first met Baby Theresa, I instantly fell in love. I didn’t want to start our session because I just wanted to snuggle up with her all day long! We had a pretty long staring contest and when we realized she wasn’t sleepy enough to fall asleep, we put her in a tutu and crown to take pictures with mom and dad!

Afterwards, she must have been tired out because she fell right asleep, we swaddled her up and finished the rest of our session.

I love you already sweet Theresa Hope! Congratulations mom and dad on your perfect little angel!

-Meesh 🙂


[Welcome Baby Carter Toms River, NJ]

Last week I got to spend the afternoon with sweet baby Carter and his mom and dad! What an adorable family! It was so exciting to see the first time parents with their little guy for his first photo session! And of course I can’t forget about the best big dog brother, Rex! He followed us everywhere we went, and always made sure that his little Bro was safe and happy!

Carter did great when he was being held by mom and dad, and even though it took us a few tries to get him settled on his own, he ended up being a total rock star! After putting up with us changing him and moving him so many times, Carter was just a natural. This little guy snuggled up and looked absolutely adorable in everything we put him in! And shoutout to dad for getting him swaddled perfectly! Those little feet could not escape!

It was so exciting to capture this adorable family in their first session together! Welcome Baby Carter!

-Michelle 🙂



[Welcome Baby Kaylee Toms River, NJ]

Welcome to the world, Kaylee! I photographed this sweet, sweet girl last week and it was the most adorable session ever! Kaylee had her mom, dad and grandma by her side to pick out her outfits, change her diaper and put her back to sleep after eating.

I just love babies so much, so working with Kaylee all afternoon was perfection! She was so sweet and loved getting to sleep on her belly. Any time that I rocked her back to sleep, I could have stayed like that all day long! She loved to snuggle up and even though she wanted her arms out when she was swaddled, she was still the most precious ever!

It was really special to watch Kaylee’s mom and dad work together to get her dressed or fed. After all, she is their first baby! But mom and dad, you guys are doing amazing! Congratulations on your perfect little angel!

-Michelle 🙂