[Jenna’s Bridal Shower Howell, NJ]

I’ve worked with this awesome family before so I was so excited to photograph another special milestone for them! Every party that I’ve captured for them before has been gorgeous and this bridal shower was no different. From the pretty in pink décor to the build your own bouquet station, this shower was amazing!

We had the most perfect, sunny day and it wasn’t too hot, so it was a great day to be photographing outside! The lovely bride to be along with her friends and family enjoyed a super cute photo backdrop with the best props, a cocktail truck with the bride to be’s signature drinks and a piñata because, why not?!

The guests played games, enjoyed the sunny weather and even got to make their own floral bouquet! Such a fun idea! At the end of this beautiful shower, the most delicious food truck, Lexilicious, came and everyone got to enjoy some homemade ice cream sandwiches! It was a perfect day for a perfect bride!

-Michelle 🙂

[Aubrey’s Communion, Allaire State Park]

I’ve worked with this awesome family before so I was so excited to take photos for Aubrey‘s communion! Aubrey was absolutely stunning with her beautiful dress, high heels and headpiece! She loved exploring Allaire State Park to find the best places to pose!

As always, Allaire had some gorgeous places to take photos but the best place to take photos for this communion girl…in front of the church! It was so sweet to have Aubrey posing with the church behind her! We caught a glimpse of her future wedding day!

I think the best part of our session was when Aubrey got to do some twirling to show off her incredible dress! She was giggling and twirling and it was absolutely adorable!

-Michelle 🙂

[Max and Mia’s Communion Island Heights, NJ]
Any time I have a client that wants to have their photos done at Island Heights, I get so excited! I absolutely love it there and I always love how the photos turn out! This time at Island Heights, I was taking pictures for Max and Mia’s communion! Everyone was dressed so nice and it was so special to see the family together for such a special day! After our photos on the boardwalk and in the gazebo, we got in the car and drove up to the Camp Meeting park. I’ve never done photos there but it was so pretty! We had gorgeous sunlight and the old steps were the perfect place to finish our family photos! -Michelle 🙂

[Nicole High School Graduation Toms River, NJ]
I’ve photographed so many of this awesome family’s events so I was so excited when I got to photograph Nicole’s graduation celebration! It was so special to see her with her family and friends to celebrate such a big event!

We took photos at our favorite spot in the front yard and as usual everyone looked great! After photos with the family, Nicole’s friends came over for the second part of our session! The girls all looked gorgeous and they were all so excited to be celebrating graduation!

-Michelle 🙂

[Grayson’s Sweet 16 at the Primavera Regency in Sterling, NJ]
This was my second time photographing a sweet 16 here and it was so much fun! They definitely do sweet 16’s different from when I turned 16 and it’s so much fun to see all the new things that they do!
Grayson looked absolutely beautiful and it was so special to capture her big day with all her friends and family! She had an awesome entrance and gave the sweetest speeches for her 16 candles. Everyone enjoyed the great music; the dance floor was crowded the whole time! It was a fun night!

-Michelle 🙂

[Allison’s Magical Harry Potter Bridal Shower, Point Pleasant]
If you’re a Harry Potter fan like me, you would have loved this amazing bridal shower! Before I even got into the house, there were signs and HP themed favors on the front porch and I was so excited to see more!Allison’s bridesmaids threw such a beautiful shower and all the games and decorations were perfect! In every room of the house, and the backyard, Harry Potter was everywhere! From the photos hanging on the walls, to the MimOsa bar, everything was totally magical!

I think my favorite part had to be the cake with the golden snitch decorations! Such a creative idea! We had the perfect weather and it was a lot of fun to see Allison with all of her friends and family!


[Ava’s Communion Toms River, NJ]
This was such a fun session for sweet little Ava. A few years ago, I had done a similar session for her big brother’s communion but this time it was Ava’s turn!She had the most beautiful Communion dress and she really looked like a little angel. We started our session outside of the church and we had a perfect backdrop with the way the sun was setting!

Next, we went into the church, which was already closed for the night, but we were able to have someone open it for us! We had the whole place to ourselves. After doing some photos in the pews and by the alter, Ava picked her favorite stained-glass window to pose in front of.

We finished our session with a few more photos outside including Ava spinning around in circles and keeping her balance! It was awesome!


[Elizabeth’s Bridal Shower Middletown, NJ]
I love when I get to photograph baby showers or bridal showers in someone’s home! It’s so fun to see how the family and friends decorated everything and how their home was transformed!

Elizabeth’s shower was at her childhood home and her mom had the best decorations! My two favorite however had to be the life size cut out of Elizabeth as a child and the huge, inflatable flamingo in the pool that was wearing Elizabeth’s mom’s veil from her wedding!

It was a gorgeous, sunny day and most of the festivities took place outside by the pool! Before the games started however, there was a sweet surprise for all the guests in the front yard. The amazing ice cream truck, Lexylicious was there to provide the best desserts for everyone!

This was such a sweet celebration for Elizabeth; surrounded by her friends and family!


[JJ and Jenna’s I Do BBQ Howell, NJ]

I love engagement parties! I think it’s such a good idea to celebrate the engagement before all the major wedding planning starts! JJ and Jenna had one of the coolest engagement parties…an I Do BBQ! Such a fun theme!

From cornhole to a customized bar, this awesome barbecue was perfect to celebrate the beautiful couple with all of their friends and family! But the kids might argue that the best part was the amazing candy bar, complete with personalized JJ and Jenna M&M’s!

The weather was perfect, the music was great and everyone was so happy to be together to celebrate this amazing couple!

-Michelle 🙂

[Rise Yoga Meditation Movement Studio Bayville, NJ]

It’s pretty amazing when you get to be part of someone else’s dream! I had the opportunity to photograph a really amazing space in Bayville before they made their grand opening!

Rise Yoga is a new studio in Bayville that specializes in Yoga, Spin and Barre classes and really focuses on helping each other rise up through movement, acceptance and love.

I’ve known Rise’s fearless leader, Tina, for some time now and seeing this dream of hers come to light is incredible! She is dedicated to bringing her community an inspiring space where they can focus on their health and well-being!

It was an honor to be part of capturing this beautiful space for all to see! Head on over to their website to read more about Rise’s incredible mission and to book your first class today!

-Michelle 🙂

[Logan’s Baptism Belmar, NJ]

Even though this was a chilly, rainy day in May, it was still such a beautiful celebration for Logan’s Baptism! I met this little man before he was even born at his mama’s gorgeous Winnie the Pooh baby shower. I was so excited to be part of this special day for Logan with his amazing family!

The Baptism was held at St Rose Church in Belmar and it was a busy day for babies being baptized! It was so sweet to see all these families coming together to celebrate their little ones being baptized into the Church. When it was Logan’s turn, he was surrounded by his parents and god parents and didn’t cry at all! In fact he was leaning over ready for his big moment!

After the ceremony, we got the party started with all kinds of wonderful friends and family. We took pictures with Logan’s little cousins and friends and tried explaining to the babies why some of them had bottles and others didn’t! They just weren’t on the same feeding schedule! 🙂

This was a perfect day to celebrate sweet Logan with so many people who love him by his side! Congratulations!

-Michelle 🙂

[Brittania and Sam’s Rehearsal Dinner Seaside Park, NJ]

A few weeks ago I got to photograph my friend Brittania’s rehearsal dinner! It was so exciting getting to see the bride, groom and their friends and family get together for before the big day! Everyone was just so excited for what the next day would bring!

Sam and Brittania’s rehearsal dinner was held at the Park Pavilion in Seaside Park, NJ and it was gorgeous! We had a perfect, warm night and the sun was just setting when the guests were arriving; I even got the bride and groom to be to squeeze in some photos on the deck and it was adorable!

The evening came to an end with a super sweet toast made by Brittania, thanking everyone for coming and to honor her aunt and uncle who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary! What a perfect way to start your wedding weekend!

-Michelle 🙂

[Kaitlyn’s Super Sweet 16 at the Primavera Regency in Sterling, NJ]

So it’s been a while since I’ve been to a Sweet 16 and man are they fun! It’s like a mini wedding but just to celebrate one amazing girl! I think I need a Sweet 30… 🙂

Kaitlyn’s Sweet 16 was absolutely gorgeous and held at the Primavera Regency. She looked more incredible than any princess and it was so fun capturing her special day. Before the party got started, we took pictures with her family and closest friends and they were all laughing and having a great time.

The night was complete with a photo booth, frozen pink drinks, a chocolate fountain and plenty of dancing. The best part of the night however was when Kaitlyn lit her candles that were dedicated to her friends and family. She shared really special memories and all 16 of her dedications were truly touching.

Happy Sweet 16 Kaitlyn!

-Michelle 🙂

[Kristen’s Whimsical Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Howell, NJ]

Let me start off by saying if this isn’t the cutest theme for a baby shower, then I don’t know what is! I got to photograph this beautiful and sweet baby shower this summer and it was so much fun! Kristen was surrounded by her friends and family to celebrate her little peanut on the way and it was so exciting!

The house was decorated so beautifully with Disney, Winnie the Pooh, and sweet little baby clothes too! There were super fun games like guessing the baby’s due date, name that song with “Baby” in the title and my favorite, match the baby to the parents (Disney edition).

Everyone had so much fun playing the games and spending time with the beautiful mom to be on her special day!


[Geralyn’s Pretty in Pink Baby Shower Pt. Pleasant, NJ]

This past weekend I got to help celebrate one of my favorite people! It was Geralyn’s baby shower and it was beautiful!

I was lucky enough to photograph her incredible wedding in November, and now there’s a sweet baby girl on the way (that I can’t wait to meet and take pictures of!)

Geralyn’s shower was at the Lobster Shanty in Point Pleasant and it was decorated in everything pink! It was so pretty!

There were fun games lead by Geralyn’s adorable nieces, delicious food and lots of new little clothes for Baby Girl Burley! And the future daddy to be made an appearance in a perfectly pink polo!

I had so much fun celebrating Geralyn and I cannot wait to meet her little princess!

-Meesh 🙂

[Nicholas’s Baptism Westfield, NJ]

Last week I got to photograph Nicholas’s Baptism and it was so so sweet! I love seeing the families celebrate and welcome their little one into the church. This service only had two Baptism’s which made for a perfect and intimate celebration for two sweet little babies.

Nicholas started off his ceremony awake and ready to go and he really didn’t mind the water on his head! After he was Baptized however, he was fast asleep! Luckily, when he did wake up, he was the happiest baby I’ve ever seen! We had him all over the church to get photos of him by himself, and he was the perfect little model!

Nicholas was Baptized at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Westfield, New Jersey and he was surrounded by so much love from friends and family. It was truly special to witness this Baptism and all of the love and support Nicholas was welcomed into the church with. Congratulations and God Bless you, Nicholas!

-Michelle 🙂

[Taylor’s Bridal Shower Ligonier, PA]

A few weekends ago I got to celebrate my best friend and bride-to-be, Taylor at her bridal shower and bachelorette party! It was the perfect weekend filled with family, friends, mimosas, no sleep and mechanical bulls…aka the best time ever!

I am photographing Taylor and her fiance Doug’s wedding in May, so I decided to bring my camera along to capture Taylor’s shower too! There were delicious cupcakes, fun games and so much love to celebrate the gorgeous, almost bride. I can’t wait until the big day in May when we get to celebrate all over again with Taylor and Doug’s amazing family and friends! Love you, Taylor!

-Michelle 🙂

Here’s some bonus iPhone photos of my beautiful best friends!

[Engagement Party Lakehurst, NJ]

Not only did I get to have a great engagement session with an awesome couple a few weeks ago, but I got to photograph their beautiful engagement party last weekend! Geralyn and Patrick were surrounded by their wonderful family and friends to celebrate the start of their new life together.

With the perfect and elegant decorations, the fun music that the kids loved dancing to and everyone in attendance smiling from ear to ear with love for the happy couple, it was the best day! The more I get to spend time with Geralyn, Patrick and their families, the more excited I get for their wedding. They are just the sweetest couple and it’s so much fun to share in this special time with them! Congrats again you guys!

-Michelle 🙂

[James Jr. Baptism Toms River, NJ]

I knew there would be more of this sweet baby and his awesome family in my future! It was such an honor to be able to photograph James’s Baptism a few weeks ago. Dressed in his dad’s Baptism outfit, and surrounded by his family and friends, baby James was absolutely adorable. And not to mention, he took getting water splashed on his head like a total pro!

James was Baptized at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church and he was the star of the show. Whether it was snuggling with mom during the ceremony, or staring up at dad while being Baptized, little James was calm, cute and precious the entire time!

This little guy took a quick snooze at the start of his party, but once he woke up, he was ready to go! Hanging out with his family, meeting new friends or just having a bottle, James’s celebration was perfect. Congratulations on your Baptism, James!

-Michelle 🙂

[Kylah’s Baptism Toms River, NJ]

Anyone who knows me will absolutely say how much I love babies! So when I got to photograph baby Kylah’s Baptism, it was so fun! The ceremony was super sweet and I loved seeing all the adorable babies and their proud families. Kylah looked absolutely perfect in her Baptism gown and shoes, which her mother wore for her Baptism! I love that tradition!!

Along with her parents, godparents and her extended family giving their love and support, Kylah was Baptized at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church. And let me tell you, Kylah was sweet and cute the whole time! Whether she was snuggling with her godparents, hanging on to her pacifier or watching the action during the ceremony, she was just too cute!!

It was such a happy day to celebrate baby Kylah and her Baptism into the church. All of her family, especially her mom and dad, were radiating with happiness for that sweet baby girl! Congratulations on your Baptism, Kylah!

-Michelle 🙂

[Cynthia’s Baby Shower]

Last weekend I had a few “firsts” in my photography business. Along with photographing my first wedding, I also photographed my first baby shower! And let me tell you, what a fun and super sweet event to photograph. Cynthia, along with her amazing sister, mother and family, worked so hard to put together the most precious celebration for the mommy to be! With a wildly adorable animal theme, this shower was very lively with the best games, delicious food and perfectly done decorations. All of the ladies laughed, dined and enjoyed a perfectly sunny day to celebrate the beautiful soon to be mama! Congrats, Cynthia!