[Welcome Baby Carter Toms River, NJ]

Last week I got to spend the afternoon with sweet baby Carter and his mom and dad! What an adorable family! It was so exciting to see the first time parents with their little guy for his first photo session! And of course I can’t forget about the best big dog brother, Rex! He followed us everywhere we went, and always made sure that his little Bro was safe and happy!

Carter did great when he was being held by mom and dad, and even though it took us a few tries to get him settled on his own, he ended up being a total rock star! After putting up with us changing him and moving him so many times, Carter was just a natural. This little guy snuggled up and looked absolutely adorable in everything we put him in! And shoutout to dad for getting him swaddled perfectly! Those little feet could not escape!

It was so exciting to capture this adorable family in their first session together! Welcome Baby Carter!

-Michelle đŸ™‚

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