[Nicholas’s Baptism Westfield, NJ]

Last week I got to photograph Nicholas’s Baptism and it was so so sweet! I love seeing the families celebrate and welcome their little one into the church. This service only had two Baptism’s which made for a perfect and intimate celebration for two sweet little babies.

Nicholas started off his ceremony awake and ready to go and he really didn’t mind the water on his head! After he was Baptized however, he was fast asleep! Luckily, when he did wake up, he was the happiest baby I’ve ever seen! We had him all over the church to get photos of him by himself, and he was the perfect little model!

Nicholas was Baptized at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Westfield, New Jersey and he was surrounded by so much love from friends and family. It was truly special to witness this Baptism and all of the love and support Nicholas was welcomed into the church with. Congratulations and God Bless you, Nicholas!

-Michelle 🙂

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