[Emily’s Bridal Shower Spring Lake, NJ]

I have always seen the Essex and Sussex hotel in Spring Lake but I’ve never been inside it, that is until this beautiful bridal shower! And it was awesome! Such a perfect place by the beach to celebrate the most beautiful bride. Emily’s shower started outside on a terrace overlooking the ocean. We did some portraits with friends and family while everyone gathered in honor of the bride to be! Then we moved inside to keep the party going and it was equally as lovely! Emily opened gifts, the bridal party lead some really fun games and it was a really sweet afternoon! The best part was when the bride wanted to do a mini photo session on the balcony during sunset! And let me tell you, it was incredible! Emily was so fun and we had the best time along with her Maid of Honor and future husband taking photos on the balcony!

-Michelle 🙂

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