[Secret Kids Session, Brielle]

Ever since I started nannying my now “second” family, I loved doing photo sessions with the kids! It gave us something to do while we were together and it was good practice for me at the beginning of my photography career.

Now that they’ve gotten older, I usually only watch them when mom and dad are away for a long weekend! The past two years while mom and dad were away, we did a secret photo session to surprise them!

We picked out their outfits and decided where we wanted to go and the kids always managed to keep it a secret. This year we went to the park! After photographing the kids in the backyard with the dogs, we headed out to the park during sunset and it was awesome!

Not only are these kids naturals in front of the camera, but they keep each other laughing and make the whole session so much fun! Can’t wait for this year’s secret session!


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