[Theresa Hope’s 1st Birthday Toms River, NJ]

It really is crazy how fast time goes! I remember photographing Baby Theresa when she was a week old! Flash forward to her first birthday and she is just as adorable as she was the day I first met her!

Not only did I have the opportunity to photograph her first birthday session and cake smash, but I also got to photograph her 1st birthday party with all of her friends and family! I’m so lucky to have clients that have turned into family where I can capture these special moments but also help to celebrate!

The theme for Theresa’s birthday…Sunflowers! Mom had the best props and clothes for our backyard photo session and Theresa was all smiles! Even though there was an amazing cake, the sweetest part of the session had to be when we took photos in Theresa’s garden that her dad created just for her! It was perfect!

Theresa’s first birthday party took place at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and it was beautiful! It was the perfect, sunny day to celebrate a perfect, sunny little girl! Everyone helped to decorate the house, inside and out and there were so many fun games and crafts for all the kids to enjoy!

Happy Birthday Theresa!

-Michelle 🙂

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