[Wendy and Casper’s Romantic Wedding at the Smithtown Country Club Smithtown, NY]

There’s nothing better than getting to photograph a family wedding! Back in July, I got to photograph my Aunt’s sister’s wedding and even though we aren’t related by blood, we are still family! Wendy had always told me that she wanted me to photograph her big day, so when that day finally came I was so excited!

A bunch of my family and I made the trip to Long Island to celebrate Wendy and Casper! The weather was gorgeous, the church was quaint and I’ve never seen the bride and groom look happier. Casper and Wendy were married at the St. Thomas of Canterbury Church, where they have been long time members, and it was really special to witness their marriage in front of every important person in their life.

After their wonderful ceremony (during which I was fighting back tears) they were greeted by all of their guests and some fun confetti! We took photos in front of the church, then it was off to get the party started!

The reception took place at the Smithtown Country Club and it was the perfect intimate setting for the celebration of a great couple! There were special toasts and first dances, a fun photo booth and a great live band that kept the party going! And on top of all of this fun, I got to be with my family to celebrate Wendy and Casper.

It was such a great family weekend and I was so honored to get to photograph this amazing couple. Congratulations Wendy and Casper! I wish you both every happiness together as husband and wife!


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