[Welcome Baby Theresa Toms River, NJ]

She’s here! Welcome to the world sweet baby girl! I was so excited to photograph little Theresa with her mommy and daddy last week!

I’ve photographed many milestones in Geralyn and Patrick’s life, and every one of them has been incredible. This newborn session, however, was so amazing! Baby Theresa was absolutely perfect and it was so so sweet to see how in love her mommy and daddy were! Watching new parents with their little one is so special and I was so happy to capture these moments.

When I first met Baby Theresa, I instantly fell in love. I didn’t want to start our session because I just wanted to snuggle up with her all day long! We had a pretty long staring contest and when we realized she wasn’t sleepy enough to fall asleep, we put her in a tutu and crown to take pictures with mom and dad!

Afterwards, she must have been tired out because she fell right asleep, we swaddled her up and finished the rest of our session.

I love you already sweet Theresa Hope! Congratulations mom and dad on your perfect little angel!

-Meesh 🙂


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