[Family Photos Seaside Park, NJ]

Beach sessions are in full swing and I am in love! This past weekend I got to photograph one of my favorite families! Not only are these guys great clients, but they are also great friends and I love photographing them.

The weather was a little questionable during the day of our session but we totally lucked out. The sun came out and was setting perfectly for our entire session! Mom, Dad and their three musketeers were dressed and coordinated amazingly; they literally were straight out of a J Crew summer catalog! So good!

I had so much fun during this session because even though we wanted the kids to sit and pose for photos, they were equally as cute when they were running around and playing and it was so cute to watch! We did get them to stay in one spot a few times! 🙂

Every session with this awesome family seems a little wild, but we always manage to have fun and capture the kids at their best!

-Michelle 🙂

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