[Baby’s First Christmas Edison, NJ]

I got to photograph two Christmas sessions last week that were the baby’s first Christmas and it was so exciting! For this session, I went up to Edison for Luke’s first Christmas photos! His adorable mom had the house decorated, had the best Christmas props and of course the sweetest outfits for little Luke!

We started our session with Luke in his Christmas sleigh! It took a few tries to get him sitting up right, but any way he was sitting in that sleigh, it was going to be adorable. I must have been boring him or tiring him out because after the sleigh, he went right to sleep, and it was honestly the cutest thing ever! He slept so contently as I positioned him on his blanket and took hats on and off his head and when he woke up, he was happy as ever!

We finished our session with Luke, aka the baby reindeer, and if you thought the session couldn’t have gotten cuter, you would be wrong! Basically, no matter what we had Luke doing during this session, it was adorable!

-Michelle 🙂


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