[Welcome Baby Kaylee Toms River, NJ]

Welcome to the world, Kaylee! I photographed this sweet, sweet girl last week and it was the most adorable session ever! Kaylee had her mom, dad and grandma by her side to pick out her outfits, change her diaper and put her back to sleep after eating.

I just love babies so much, so working with Kaylee all afternoon was perfection! She was so sweet and loved getting to sleep on her belly. Any time that I rocked her back to sleep, I could have stayed like that all day long! She loved to snuggle up and even though she wanted her arms out when she was swaddled, she was still the most precious ever!

It was really special to watch Kaylee’s mom and dad work together to get her dressed or fed. After all, she is their first baby! But mom and dad, you guys are doing amazing! Congratulations on your perfect little angel!

-Michelle 🙂

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