[James Jr. Baptism Toms River, NJ]

I knew there would be more of this sweet baby and his awesome family in my future! It was such an honor to be able to photograph James’s Baptism a few weeks ago. Dressed in his dad’s Baptism outfit, and surrounded by his family and friends, baby James was absolutely adorable. And not to mention, he took getting water splashed on his head like a total pro!

James was Baptized at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church and he was the star of the show. Whether it was snuggling with mom during the ceremony, or staring up at dad while being Baptized, little James was calm, cute and precious the entire time!

This little guy took a quick snooze at the start of his party, but once he woke up, he was ready to go! Hanging out with his family, meeting new friends or just having a bottle, James’s celebration was perfect. Congratulations on your Baptism, James!

-Michelle 🙂

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