[Marissa’s Senior Pictures Ocean Gate, NJ]

I’ve never been to Ocean Gate before, but when I found out I was doing a photo session there, I immediately went to check it out. I’m a big fan of Island Heights, a cute town right across the Toms River, and Ocean Gate is equally as adorable. The pier and boardwalk right along the river are the perfect backdrop for some pretty awesome pictures.

When I first arrived for this session, Marissa was joined by her best friend, mom and sister. They had all kinds of props and all of these amazing ideas for pictures…which makes my job pretty easy 😉 Marissa was a little shy at first, but once we got going, she was the one suggesting where to go next, what new poses to try; she was awesome! She even took the lead when her best friend and her sister joined in to pose for some photos too! These girls were so much fun!

By the end of our session, Marissa was a total pro. She was a natural in front of the camera and every picture I took truly captured her happiness and cheerful spirit. I hope you have the best senior year ever, Marissa!

-Michelle 🙂

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