[Kylah’s Baptism Toms River, NJ]

Anyone who knows me will absolutely say how much I love babies! So when I got to photograph baby Kylah’s Baptism, it was so fun! The ceremony was super sweet and I loved seeing all the adorable babies and their proud families. Kylah looked absolutely perfect in her Baptism gown and shoes, which her mother wore for her Baptism! I love that tradition!!

Along with her parents, godparents and her extended family giving their love and support, Kylah was Baptized at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church. And let me tell you, Kylah was sweet and cute the whole time! Whether she was snuggling with her godparents, hanging on to her pacifier or watching the action during the ceremony, she was just too cute!!

It was such a happy day to celebrate baby Kylah and her Baptism into the church. All of her family, especially her mom and dad, were radiating with happiness for that sweet baby girl! Congratulations on your Baptism, Kylah!

-Michelle 🙂

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