Welcome Baby Stella!

I love a newborn session and this one was so sweet! I’ve known this mama since we were kids and getting to photograph her sweet little girl was so special! For some reason my newborn sessions almost always start with a wiggly babe that doesn’t want to sleep…even though they’ve been sleeping all day every day until it’s time for photos! So we got this darling girl ready for photos with her mom and dad first! It’s always so exciting to see first time parents with their babies and I love getting to capture those moments. Baby Stella settled down perfectly when she was with mom and dad and she snoozed for the rest of our session! With every new outfit we put her in and every new pose, she was an absolute angel and was just so adorable! This session was so much fun and so darn cute!

-Michelle 🙂

[Welcome Baby Maeve Watchung, NJ]

I’ve been photographing newborns for many years now but nothing could ever prepare me for what it would be like to photograph my brand new niece! I usually tear up at least once during newborn sessions anyway because they are all so cute! But photographing my niece was another level of emotion! I was so excited not only to meet her and cuddle her but also to get to take pictures of her!

This session was so awesome and Maeve was asleep the whole time! She let me and her mama dress her up and change her clothes about a million times and little miss just kept sleeping! It was such a special day!

One of my favorite moments however was to see my sister and brother in law with their baby girl. I knew they were going to be amazing parents way before Maeve was even born but seeing them with her was incredible.

Aunt Meesh loves you Maeve! And I can’t wait for even more photo sessions together!

-Michelle 🙂

[Welcome Baby Addison Brick, NJ]

Another newborn session! This was such a fun session but it was very different from any newborn session I’ve ever done…the majority of it was outside! It was a challenge but it was so worth it to have so much natural light!

We went to one of the best places for photos in Spring Lake, Divine Park! We took photos on the bridge and under the trees and little baby Addison slept for most of the time! Big brother Owen had a lot of fun during our session and did such a good job posing with his baby sister!

We also did some photos back at the house with Dad’s guitar! They had a photo of big brother when he was born on that same guitar, so of course we had to get some with Addison! It was such a cool idea!

-Michelle 🙂

[Welcome Baby Elaine Ephrata, PA]

This was such a fun newborn session because it was for one of my best friends from Penn State! This was their second baby girl and of course I had to make the trip to meet her, hang out with the family and take some awesome photos!

It was so nice to catch up with everyone, see how big their first daughter had gotten and of course meet little miss Elaine! She was the sweetest! We had her in all kinds of outfits and poses and it was perfection.

My other best friend from Penn State and her family live close by so they came over for a visit too! It was so much fun to see everyone and to see how big all their girls were getting! Check out our crazy attempt below to get all the girls in one photo!

-Michelle 🙂